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3.Wound healing

  • Macrophages are the most important cells present in the later (48–72 hours) stages of the inflammatory process & appear to act as the key regulatory cells for repair.
  • They function as phagocytic cells as well as being the primary producer of growth factors responsible for the proliferation:
  •    • And production of the extracellular matrix by
  •       fibroblasts,
  •    • Smooth muscle cells,
  •    • Endothelial cells resulting in angiogenesis.


  •   Fibrous Healing:  It is uncommon, usually following a difficult, complicated / surgical extraction of a tooth.
  • It is asymptomatic & discovered only during  routine radiographic examination.
  • Radiographically this lesion appears as a well-circumscribed radiolucent area in the site of a previous extraction & may be mistaken for residual infection, i.e. residual cyst, granuloma.
  •    Rx: Excision of lesion to establish diagnosis.
  • Some times results in normal healing & subsequent bone repair of the fibrous defect.

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