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8.Radiation biology-done

  • Definition of radiation biology
  • Radiation injury and its mechanism
  • Theories of radiation injuries
  • Sequence of radiation injury
  • Somatic and genetic effects
  • Radiosensitivity & cell type
  • Radiation effects
  •         -At tissue & organ level
  •          -On oral cavity
  • Effects on whole body irradiation


    • Soon after the x rays was discovered in 1895, there were reports of erythema, dermatitis, ulcerations and neoplastic changes in the tissue brought about by exposure to the x rays.
    • Many dentists who were ignorant of early warnings or chose to ignored them suffered the loss of one or more fingers to hold the film in the patients mouth and thus exposed the fingers to repeated doses of x-radiation.
    • Since those days information about biologic effects of radiation upon man has continually increased along with good technics for good oral radiography and safe handling of x ray radiation in dentistry.

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