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Advances in obturation system

  • Advances in obturation systems
  •         System B technique
  •         Therma fil technique
  •         UltraFil 3D
  •         Obtura  technique
  •         Simplefil technique
  •         Successfil technique
  •  Resin based obturation techiniques
  •          Resilon system
  •          Endo rez technique
  •          Fiber fil technique
  •          EZ Fil Obturation system
  • Method of use :
  • Obturation is done similarly to that of obtura II system.
  • Each cannula has a 22 guage stainless steel needle that can be pre curved.
  • Cannula is placed in the warm heater for about 3 min.
  • Sealer is applied to the canal walls
  • Gutta percha is displaced into the canal with the pre curved 22 guage needle
  • Manufacturers recommend compaction using both Regular set and Firm set followed by the Endo set

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