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AIDS and the Periodontium

  • HIV 1 and HIV 2 belong to the lentivirus subfamily. HIV 1 is most common. HIV 2 is more closely related to simian immunodefeciency virus and identified predominantly in West Africa.
  • The primary pathogenic mechanism in HIV infection is the damage caused to the CD4 T Lymphocytes. CD4 T Lymphocytes decrease in no. as a result there is damping effect on the cell mediated immunity.



  • Basic treatment includes cleaning and debriding of affected areas with a cotton pellet soaked with Hydrogen peroxide
  • Patient seen daily for the first week, at each visit debridement of affected areas is repeated.
  • Systemic antibiotics such as metronidazole or amoxicillin in case of severe tissue destruction or localised lymphadenopathy.

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