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anatomic radiopacities

  • Nasal septum and boundaries of nasal fossa
  • Anterior nasal spine
  • Canine eminence
  • Walls and floor of maxillary sinus
  • Zygomatic process of maxilla and zygomatic bone
  • Maxillary tuberosity
  • Pterygoid plates, pterygoid hamulus
  • Coronoid process


  • anterior maxilla- trabeculae  are typically thin and numerous, forming a fine, granular, dense pattern(marrow spaces are small and numerous).
  • Post maxilla- marrow spaces are larger.
  • anterior mandible- trabeculae are  thicker than in the maxilla,coarser pattern, trabecular plates that are oriented more horizontally.
  • Post man- marrow spaces are larger.

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