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  • Nose performs two functions:                       – Respiratory passage
  •              -Organ of smell
  • Receptors of smell are placed in the upper one third of the nasal cavity and this is lined by respiratory mucosa.
  • This Mucosa is highly vascular and warms the Inspired air.
  • The secretions of the  serous glands make the air moist and secretions of the mucous glands trap dust and other particles.


  • It extends from the Nostrils to the posterior Nasal apertures.
  • It is divided into right and left half by Nasal septum.
  • Each half has- Roof, Floor, Lateral & Medial walls
  • The Middle horizontal part is formed by the Cribriform plate of the Ethmoid.
  • The anterior slope is formed by the Nasal part of Frontal bone, Nasal bone &Nasal cartilages.
  • The Floor is formed by the Palatine process of Maxilla &Horizontal plate of Palatine bone


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