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Anatomy of Tongue

  • Introduction
  • Embryology
  • External features & Papillae of the tongue
  • Muscles of the tongue
  • Arterial, Venous and Lymphatic Drainage
  • Nerve supply
  • Functions
  • Disorders
  • Investigations
  • Conclusion
  • References


  • Posterior part or root of tongue originates from second , third, & part of fourth pharyngeal arch.
  • Sensory nerve supply to this part of tongue is by glossopharyngeal nerve, indicates that tissue of third arch overgrows that of second.
  • The epiglottis & extreme posterior part of tongue are supplied by superior laryngeal nerve reflecting their development from the fourth arch.
  • Most of tongue muscles are derived from the myoblasts originating in occipital somites.
  • Thus tongue musculature is supplied by hypoglossal nerve.

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