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  • To study the oral health status in hospitalized patients.
  • To assess oral symptoms in patients with systemic diseases.
  • To ascertain the percentage of these lesions/symptoms noticed by the attending physician/surgeon and whether proper treatment was initiated.
  • To provide recommendations, if any, regarding the treatment of oral conditions suffered by the patient .
  • FREQUENCY DISTRIBUTION of DMFT, Oral symptoms, Oral mucosal lesions & periodontal status was calculated.
  • Mean Oral symptom score (OSS) , Mean Oral mucosal lesion score (OMS)  &  DMFT was calculated.
  • Variation in oral health  status
  •    Dependent variable  – OMS ,OSS , DMFT SCORE.
  •    Independent variable  – binary category  – t – test           –  >2  –   ANOVA  test
  • Percentage of oral symptoms & lesions recorded by attending doctor was calculated.


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