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Bells Palsy

  • First described by SHWARTZ  in 1952
  • Defined by PINDBORG et al. as:
  • “An insidious chronic disease  affecting any part of the oral cavity & sometimes the pharynx , although occasionally preceded by or associated with vesicle formation, it is always associated with juxtaepithelial inflammatory reaction  followed by  a fibroelastic change of the lamina propria , with epithelial  atrophy leading to stiffness of oral mucosa and causing trismus &inability to eat .”


  • The motor function of the seventh cranial nerve was tested by observing the facial muscle function. It was observed that on the left side there was inability to wrinkle the forehead , inability to frown , inability to shut the eye and wink and inability to blow out the cheeks.
  • Patient was referred to an ophthalmologist and a neurophysician for further investigations.

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