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Bio Progressive

Roles and functions of the lower utility arch

  • Position of the lower molar to allow for Cortical Anchorage
  • Manipulation and Alignment of the lower incisor segments.
  • Allowing segmental treatment of the buccal segments
  • Physiologic roles of the lower utility arch.
  • Role in mixed dentition

Physiologic Vs Mechanical Response

  • Tip back applied to lower molar-30° to 40 °.
  • No toe-in in non extraction utility.
  • Extraction cases-definite distal rotation must be placed .
  • 30° to 45° buccal root torque applied to the lower molar
  • Long lever arm applied to lower incisors.
  • 75 gms of intrusive force.(0.16 x 0.16).
  • Labial root torque.

Modifications of the Utility Arch

  • Expansion utility arch
  • Force :
        1mm= 85 gm
        2mm=140 gm
        3mm=205 gm
  • Contraction utility arch
  • Force:
       1mm=50 gm
       2mm =150 gm
       3mm=230 gm

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