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Functional jaw orthopaedics is the system of orthodontic treatment
which makes use of the forces which act in and about the human
dentition during the activities of the masticatory face
Functional appliances are considered primarily as a orthopedic tool to
influence the facial skeleton of the growing child in the condylar and
sutural area.They harness natural forces which is transmitted to the
teeth and the alveolar bone in a predetermined direction.
Function is inherent in all cells, tissues, and organs and influence
these media as a functional stimulus.
The goal of functional dental orthopedics is to use this functional
stimulus channeling it to the greatest extent, the tissues, jaws,
condyles and teeth allow.
The uniqueness of functional appliances lie in their mode of force
According to Roux and Wolff form was intimately related to function.
Changes in functional stress would produce changes in internal bone
architecture and external shape. .
Haupl -1938
According to haupl et al tissue forming stimuli originate from the activity
of the tongue,lips ,facial and masticatory muscles .These stimuli are
transmitted to the teeth ,paradental tissue, alveolar bone and
mandibular joint through a passive ,loose fitting appliance inserted
between the teeth,the result being that the transmitted stimuli induce
desired changes in the tissues affected.

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