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  • Hybrid (resin modified) GIC
    • includes cements,filling material,cores
    • HEMA &other polymers added to liquid component
    • polymers &other phases added to powder component
    • silicate glass of composites substituted for some of powder
    • pre-cured glass ionomer blended into composites
    • Fluoride release
    • Scoville et al (1990) showed that enamel F levels adj. to GIC used to cement a band increases
    • Hallgren (1993) reported an elevated concentration of F in plaque samples collected adj. to GIC retained brackets
    • Ashcraft determined F release from 3 hybrid light cure GIC & reported that LC GIC released  F after initial curing & after exposure to topical fluoride gel
    • Kofman et al (1997) studied F release &capacity of GIC  to be recharged with F &found that material becomes recharged with F  following repeated F exposure ,0.2% solution being most effective
    • Shows GIC serves as a  F reservoir & and can act as a slow release system ;
    • Help reduce decalcification &caries rate

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