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Cephalometric Analysis (1)

  • Head position: the patient’s head is oriented in the same position relative to the x-ray beam every time a film is taken, with the use of a cephalostat.
  • Ear rods: in the ear canals (external auditory meatus).
  • Frankfort plane: horizontal.
  • Teeth: in centric occlusion.
  • Lips: in their habitual position.
  • The most accurate superimposition is obtained by tracing the first radiograph and superimposing that tracing on the second film, registering the appropriate cranial base structures.            (Ekstrom, 1982)
  • Reliable picture of overall facial growth.
  •   Superimposition on:
  • S-N line with registration at sella (reliable)
  • De Coster’s line (more reliable).

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