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Class III Malocclusions

In Class III malocclusions, the lower incisor edges lie anterior to the cingulum plateau of the upper incisors
Class III malocclusion is found in about 3 percent of children
Frequently it is the associated skeletal malrelationships and the prominence of the chin as much as the malocclusion itself that is of concern to patients and their families.
Occlusal Features:
In mild cases the incisors meet in an edge-to-edge relationship, when there may be an anterior mandibular displacement to obtain a posterior occlusion.
In more severe cases there is an appreciable reverse overjet.
The buccal segment relationship may be class I and it is unusual to find a full premolar width of mesiocclusion.
The upper arch is often narrow as well as being short, and the lower arch is broad; thus crossbites are common.

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