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Cobalt Chromium Archwires

  •   Elgiloy : Easier to bend than SS, NiTi and b-Ti in its “as received state”.
  • –      Preferred in  techniques in which loops are used.
  • –      Along with SS considered most ideal and economical finishing wire.
  • –      Greater resistance to fatigue and distortion.
  • –      Longer function as a resilient spring.
  • –     excellent corrosion resistance
  • original  work of Buehler for the Naval Ordinance Laboratory in the early 1960s.
  • .  Buehler’s preliminary results led to development of the first NiTi orthodontic alloy55% nickel and 45% titanium by pioneers such as Andreasen and his colleagues
  • The Unitek Corporation licensed the patent [1974] and offered a stabilized martensitic alloy (M-NiTi) that does not exhibit any shape memory effect (SME) under the name, Nitinol..

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