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Computed tomography

  • OLENDROF and CORNMARK in 1963 understand the concept of  CT and built laboratory models.
  •  At the annual congress of BRITISH INSTITUTE OF RADIOLOGY in April  1972 , G N HOUNSFIELD  a research scientist at  EMI  industries limited in MIDDLESEX  ENGLAND  announced revolutionary new imaging modality , which he called  Computerized axial transverse scanning.
  • Nobel prize for medicine in 1979 for the invention of CT Scanner.


  • This has stationary gantry (above the patient) and detector system below the patient) with absolutely no moving parts.
  • Electromagnetic focusing and deflection of electron beam sweeps across an extended tungsten anode target arranged semi circularly around the patient.
  • Electrons sequentially sweep across each of multiple target layers leading to 8 successive x-ray fan beams and 8 image slices within a very short period (50 ms/image).
  • EBCT is used for cine CT, to study flow phenomenon and in cardiac imaging.

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