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  • Aspergillus is a
  • Filamentous Fungus with Septate Hyphae,
  • Uniform in diameter
  • Dichotomous 450 Angle Branching
  •  Reproduces as Asexual Conidia
  • Spores (2-3µm)Transmitted by Air borne Conidia
  • Hyphae Invade local Blood Vessels® Ischemic Tissue Necrosis & Bony Destruction
  • Aspergillus often presents with Vague Complaints &
  • -ve Clinical findings, making Diagnosis Difficult


  • Aspergilloma
  • Fungus Ball of Aspergilli present in a Sinus, usually the Maxillary Antrum
  • On Radiographic Evaluation Radiodense Foci in Association with Homogeneous Opacification
  • Foci are a result of Central Necrosis within the Fungal Mass
  • Histology shows Tangled Mycelium of Aspergilli with Little Inflammatory Response

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