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connective tissue disorders

  • Autoimmune disease characterized by production of numerous autoantibodies
  • Lupus is the latin for wolf and erythematosus indicates red-like. Thus, LE stands for ”the red wolf”                              lupus vulgaris, ”the common wolf” which in the old days designated the skin of the face in patients with cutaneous tuberculosis.
  • Organ injury – secondary to direct binding of autoantibodies to self antigens or deposition of immunocomplexes
  • Peak incidence  – 20-40 yrs
  • 10 times more frequent in females
  • Higher incidence – black people


  • Chronic Cutaneous LE and Sub Acute Cutaneous LE are mainly dermatological diseases that are always restricted to the skin and to oral mucosa
  • Neonatal LE is most often a transient self limited disease
  • Dermatological, hepatic and hematologic involvement usually disappears at the age about 6 months
  • Drug induced LE – features common to SLE
  • Drugs – Procainamide, hydralazine, quinidine, sulfasalazine, chlorpromazine, pencillamine, methyldopa, carbamazepine, acebutalol, captopril, propylthiuracil, and mincycline

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