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CRA Newsletter

CRA Newsletter

CRA Newsletter

  • Carious defects were almost always present under stained pits & fissures of non-smokers.
  • 2.  If sealants were placed years earlier, & not maintained, teeth were always decayed.
  • 3.  Practice of sealing stained pits & fissures needs reconsideration.
  • 4.  Patients want to be made aware of their oral condition & help make treatment decisions. Most preferred to explore & excise rather than watch or seal, even though their insurance might not pay for treatment.
  • In this study, 60 % of those polled indicated they were very interested in the concept of micro-dentistry;
  • An additional 24% were somewhat interested for a total interest level of 84%!!!
  • “These are extremely high levels of interest and suggest a significant potential for micro-dentistry.”

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