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Dendritic cells biology of the skin

  • At the end of the seminar the learner should be able to describe:
    • What are Dendritic cells(DCs)..
    • Development of Dendritic cells
    • Forms  & Distributions of dendritic cells
    • Features of a Mature Dendritic cells
    • Role of DCs in immunity
      • Capturing of Ag by immature DCs
      • Migration of DCs and its maturation
      • Dendritic cells and B lymphocytes
      • Mucosal lymphoid tissues are lymphoid organs that are
      •      found in most of the body surface other than skin
      •      especially the gut.
      • In small intestine – Payers Patches
      • Nasopharynx – Adenoids and palatine tonsils of       Waldayers ring

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