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dental cements 2nd yr

  •         –  A cool glass slab is used  in order to delay the setting  and allow more  powder to be incorporated before  the matrix formation occurs.
  •         –  The liquid should  be dispensed just before mixing.
  •         –  The powder is added in small increments.
  •                     Recommended ratio is  1.4gm/ 0.5ml
  •         –  Mixing is initiated by  addition of a small amount of powder at a time  into the liquid.
  •             A large area is covered during mixing in order to dissipate the exothermic heat.
  •          –  Spatulation is carried out with a brisk, circular motion of the spatula.


  •    -Low early strength and moisture sensitivity of the traditional glass ionomer was the result of slow acid-base reactions.
  •     – Hence to overcome these two inherent drawbacks, some polymerizable resin functional groups have been added to GIC to impart additional curing process and allow the bulk of the material to mature through the acid-base reaction.

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