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dentin bonding agents

  • Introduction
  • Criteria For Bonding Agent
  • Terminologies
  • Contents of Bonding System
  • Bonding to dentin is Challenging!
  • History
  • Classifications
  • Generations Of DBA
  • Newer DBA
  • Conclusion
  • References
  • Criteria for Ideal Dental Adhesive System (Philips and Rage) 1961
  • –  Provide a high bond strength to dentin that should be present   immediately after placement and that should be permanent.
  • –  Provide a bond strength to dentin similar to that to enamel.
  • –  Show good biocompatibility to dental tissue including pulp.
  • –  Minimize micro leakage at the margins of restorations.
  • –  Prevent recurrent caries and marginal staining
  • –  Be easy to use and minimally technique sensitive
  • –  Possess good shelf life
  • –  Be compatible with a wide range of resins
  • –  System should not be toxic or sensitizing to the operators   and  patients.
  • –  Should seal the tooth surface from oral fluids.

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