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Detinal Hyper

  • Gysi, 1900 introduced hydrodynamic concept.
  • Hopewell-Smith (1923) “Dentine is not live, nor is it dead like enamel, it serves as an intermediate tissue between the external enamel and the internal living pulp, it does not generate sensations but transmits through its tubes impulses of various kinds to the pulp.”
  • Fish (1927) “there is a lymphatic fluid in the dentinal tubule and that tubules terminate with a lymphatic plexus, providing a continuous lymphatic flow through the various tubules and the pulp.”


  • Inward fluid shifts (because of frictional heat generation on the end of a poorly irrigated cutting bur).
  • Outward fluid shifts due to evaporative water loss (if only air cooling is used), and slight inward fluid shifts due to osmotic movement of cooling water into dentin (Horiuchi and Matthews, 1973).
  • These fluid shifts occur in both directions at various stages of cavity preparation.

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