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Diagnosis & Treatment Planning

  • To obtain optimal occlusion with in a framework of skeletal bases.
  • With the nerves, muscles surrounding in harmony.
  • Normal function and stability.
  • And maintaining the health of the surrounding tissues (PDL, gingiva, TMJ, etc…).
  • Although this is definitive, it is obvious that it means different things to different persons, so much so that large segments of orthodontic profession, if presented with single case, would start out in different directions toward different objectives by different orthodontic means.
  • The last should matter little except that orthodontists, being committed to certain appliances with their inherent limitations, are not free to be objective about their objectives.
  • Concepts and standards have been devised which are subservient to appliance limitations.
  • These concepts and resultant orthodontic objectives are as different as black and white.
  • William L. Wilson –AJO-DO 1957

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