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Diseases of Skin-7

  • Face & neck of the younger individuals.
  • Small white papules on the gingiva, tongue, palate & cheek, etc.
  • Hyperkeratotic papules over the skin-about 2 to 3 mm in diameter & become grayish-brown with age.
  • Smaller lesions coalase together &  gradually enlarge with time.
  • Commonly occurs during early childhood & definite male predominance.
  • Nails exhibit dystrophic changes and they gradually shed in few days time.
  • Skin shows grayish-brown pigmentations over the trunk, neck and thighs.
  • Facial skin appears red due to atrophic or telangiectatic changes.
  • Mental retardation, dysphagia, deafness and hyperhydrosis of the palms and soles, etc.

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