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Distraction osteogenesis

Distraction osteogenesis = callostasis = stretching of a bone callus
Gradual distraction of bones is accompanied by the soft tissues = less probability of relaps
Method utilizing body’s own healing mechanism to generate new bone.
Useful in reconstructing defects or discontinuity secondary to trauma, malignancy, etc.
Less invasive, decreased morbidity
Callotasis is a gradual stretching of the reparative callus that forms around bone segments interrupted by osteotomy or fracture. Clinically, callotasis consists of three sequential periods: 1) latency, 2) distraction, and 3) consolidation. Latency is the period from bone division to the onset of traction and is the time required for callus formation. The distraction period is the time when gradual traction is applied and new bone, or distraction regenerate, is formed. The consolidation period allows maturation and corticalization of the regenerate after traction forces are discontinued (Gantous et al., 1994; Murray & Fitch, 1996).

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