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Distraction Osteogenesis

  • Distraction osteogenesis is the process of slow bone expansion in which new bone is generated in an osteotomy gap in response to tension stresses placed across the bone gap
  • Distraction osteogenesis has been used to avoid the problems associated with conventional surgery and to begin correction at an earlier age
  • 1905 – First bone distraction was performed by Codivilla -for the ttt of shortened femur
  • 1927 – Lengthening of tibia – Abbott
  •      B’cos of many complications DO did not clinically gain acceptance
  • 1954 – Ilizarov began his work on the lower extremity.He was a Russian orthopedic surgeon who began using techniques that combined compression,tension & then repeat bone compression to heal fractured long bones with segmental defects.He pioneered the radical concept that bone generation could be reinitiated by the piezoelectric effect of tension,rather than compression.Ten to fifteen years later,he expanded his technique to include the ttt of shortened lower extremities.
  • 1972 – Snyder et al – used swanson external fixater to lengthen a canine mandible.
  • 1975 – Bell & Epker – Described a technique of rapid palatal expansion to increase the width of maxilla using a haas app

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