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  • Enamel provides a hard durable shape for the functions of teeth and a protective cap for the vital tissues of dentin and pulp.Both colour and form contribute to esthetic appearance of enamel.
  • Much of the art of restorative dentistry comes from efforts to stimate the color,texture,translucency and contours of enamel with synthetic dental materials such as resin composite or porcelain.


  • Nevertheless, the lifelong preservation of the patient’s own enamel is one of the defining goals of the dentist.
  • Although enamel is capable of lifelong service,its crystallised mineral makeup and rigidity as well as stress from occlusion,make it vulnerable to acid demineralization(caries),attrition(wear) and fracture.
  • Compared to other tissue mature enamel is unique in that except for alterations in the dynamics of mineralization repair or  replacement is only possible through dental therapy.

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