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Endodontically Treated

  • Tooth structure loss by:
      • Caries, trauma, erosion, abrasion, attrition.
      • Previous restorations and recurrent caries under restorations.
      • Endodontic treatment; due to removal of coronal and intraradicular Dentine during access and root canal  preparation.
  • Micro cracks in remaining tooth structure produced by  endodontic procedures.
  • Weakened  collagen intermolecular cross-links of Dentine à lower shear strength.
  • Dehydration; non-vital teeth have less moisture content than vital teeth.
  • Esthetics; biochemically altered Dentine modifies light refraction through the tooth and modifies its appearance.
  • The combined result of these changes are: increased fracture  susceptibility and decreased translucency.


  • Pretreatment Evaluation:
    • Quality of the endodontic treatment:
      • The endodontic treatment should be properly done.
      • Retreatment  should be considered if tooth exhibits any clinical signs of inflammation, a periapical pathology exists, or inappropriate endodontic filling material was used ( silver pointes).
    • Periodontal condition:
      • This is important for long-term success of teeth.
      • Weak teeth should be extracted.
      • A mutilated tooth in which the restorative treatment would violate the junctional  epithelium or the attachment level (e.g. extensive caries, perforations, external root resorption) should be considered for crown- lengthening surgery or orthodontic extrusion.

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