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Evo of Ortho brackets – 2

Self-ligating brackets have an inbuilt metal labial face, which can be opened and closed. Brackets of this type have existed for a surprisingly long time in orthodontics— the Russell Lock edgewise attachment being described by Stolzenberg in 1935. New designs have continued to appear, the Time bracket becoming available in 1994, the Damon SL bracket in 1996 and the TwinLock bracket in 1998, being three designs from that decade. This continued activity is in spite of the fact that self-ligating brackets have, until recently, never attracted more than a small percentage of bracket sales. The latest and most significant developments have been the Damon2 and In-Ovation brackets in 2000. These brackets exhibit major advances in robustness and ease of use, have rapidly grown in popularity and merit a scrutiny of the current situation in this class of bracket
Ideal properties of any ligation system
Ligation should
be secure and robust
ensure full bracket engagement of the archwire
exhibit low friction between bracket and archwire
be quick and easy to use
permit high friction when desired
permit easy attachment of elastic chain
assist good oral hygiene
be comfortable for the patient

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