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Exam Case Report

  • Extraction of maxillary and mandibular second bicuspids – to alleviate crowding, aid in correction of axial inclination of incisors and achieve the best profile.
  • Bond brackets in both upper and lower 4-4 with 0.022 X 0.028 preadjusted edgewise appliance (Roth prescription) to begin leveling and aligning.
  • Band all the first molars and include upper and lower second molars to reinforce anchorage.
  • Maintain Class I molar relation.
  • Retract Canine and maintain Class I canine relation.
  • Retraction of the incisors to close the space.
  • Detailing of occlusion.
  • Deband and Retain.
  • Bands with welded molar tubes were cemented to Upper and Lower first molars.
  • TPA and Lingual arch were placed.
  • Maxillary and Mandibular second bicuspids were extracted.
  • Brackets were bonded in U/L arches.
  • Initially arches were leveled and aligned with 0.016 niti with lacebacks for canine.
  • 0.018 stainless steel wire was placed in U/L arches.
  • Upper and lower second molars were bonded.
  • Elastic tie back was given for retraction of first premolars and canines.
  • 0.019 X 0.025 niti wire was placed and was replaced by 0.019 X 0.025 stainless steel wire .
  • Hooks were soldered in both U/L arches distal to lateral incisors for retraction of anteriors using elastic tie back.
  • Records taken for pre-debonding evaluation

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