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Frankel Function Regulator

  • Introduction.
  • Epigenetic hypothesis and its clinical implication in the field of Cranio facial morphogenesis.
  • Muscular balance and its role in tooth position.
  • Pillars of the Frankel philosophy.
  • Visual treatment objective¬† – as an diagnostic test.
  • Principles for indications of the functional regulator.
  • Orthodontics, one of the oldest speciality of dentistry.
  • The past 20 years.
  • We know that the cranio facial complex, forming itself as a bed for a network of organs.
  • During the same period of growth and development it presents itself with a varied shadows to the clinician in the form of bizzare craniofacial asymmetries and deformities that involve both cranial and mandibular structures, which might be due the genetic, environmental, or combination of both.

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