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Friction – Etiology & Management in SWA

  •   Prososki etal (AJO-1991)  states that surface roughness influences friction most directly when
    • dry, unlubricated sliding occurs or when only meager lubrication is present.
    • geometry of roughness,
    • orientation of roughness features, and
    • relative hardness of the two contacting surfaces.
    •   Friction tends to be highest for very rough or very smooth surfaces.
      • Dickson etal- experimental polycrystalline ceramic bracket with a SS insert and compared – conventional & SS bracket.
      • The exptl. bracket – â frictional resistance and the ceramic bracket -á 0˚ angulation.
      •   No sig. diff. between the two ceramic brackets at 10˚,
      •    á frictional resistance than SS bracket.
      •   Stainless Steel insert slot – experimental bracket – behave more like a stainless steel bracket rather than a conventional ceramic bracket.

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