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    • Appraisal of functional status of the patient is a priority.
    • Multiple assessment of mastication, deglutition, respiration, speech, posture
    •        status of each component should be assessed.
    • Proper clinical examination
    • If function is abnormal, the clinician should consider – altered.
    • Part of functional analysis should involve cephalometric, myometric and
    •        dentitional measurements – study models and other tools.
    • Especially significant in treatment with functional appliances.
      • Joint clicking is differentiated as follows :
      • Initial clicking : retruded condyle in relation to the disc.
      • Intermediate clicking : sign of unevenness of the condylar surfaces of the articular
      •          disc, which slide over one another
      • Terminal clicking : condyle being moved too far anteriorly irt. Disc on
      •       maximum jaw opening
      • Reciprocal clicking : during opening and closing. It expresses incoordination
      •         b/w displacement of condyle and disc

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