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Fundamentals of Cavity

  •   Tooth preparation is defined as the mechanical alteration of a defective, injured, or diseased tooth to best receive a restorative material that will reestablish a healthy state for the tooth, including esthetic corrections where indicated, along with normal form and function.     (Sturdevant)
  •   Tooth preparation can be defined as “the mechanical preparation and / or the chemical treatment of the remaining tooth structure, which enables it to accommodate a restorative material without incurring mechanical or biological failure”.
    • FINAL STAGE (Second Stage)
    •   Excavation of remaining infected dentin
    •   Removal of old restorative materials
    •   Pulp protection
    •   Additional cavity designs- minimize fracture
    •   Finishing preparation walls
    •   Cleaning, inspecting, sealing the preparation    before placement of restorative material.


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