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future trends in probiotics

  • Acid tolerance
  •   Bile tolerance
  •   Cell surface hydrophobicity
  •   Protoplast regeneration
  •   Antimicrobial activity
  •   Cholesterol removal and bile salt deconjugation
  •   Gut colonization
  •   Lactose removal
  •   Protease and aminopeptidase activity


  • Elucidate the physiological role and mechanism of action probiotics
  •   Extent of influence of probiotics in human health using human feeding studies
  •   Studies on human populations for colon cancer or cancer recurrence
  •   Validate markers used for assessing probiotic function. Testing of predictions
  •      based on biomarker studies with actual results in human clinical evaluation is
  •      needed. Biomarker validated in the areas of immune system, cancer and gut
  •      microbiology is especially important. Once validated biomarkers will be useful
  •      tools to assess the dose dependence and strain specific responses.
  •   Assess effects of probiotics on populations and activity of gut microbes. The
  •      application of gene based methods holds much promise in this field.
  •   Improve reliability and ease of taxonomic classification of probiotic bacteria.
  •      Improve strain performance and activity.

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