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One of the objective for treating skeletal discrepancies, is to take advantage of the patients growth spurt, which help to achieve optimal results,within the short period of time.
Evaluation of individual biologic time table and identification of period of accelerated growth is essential for clinical decisions, regarding growth modulation procedures for skeletal discrepancies, extraction versus non extraction options,use of extra oral orthopaedic forces and planning for orthognathic surgery for skeletal malocclusions.
Chronological age is often not sufficient for assessing the developmental stage and somatic maturity of the patient,so that the biological age has to be determined.
The biological age is determined from the skeletal, dental and morphologic age and onset of puberty.
Patient chronological age is defined as the time period from the birth to till date.
Morphologic age is based on the height . A child’s height can be compared with those of his same age group and other age groups to determine where he stands in relation to others. Height is useful as a maturity indicator from late infancy to early adulthood.

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