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  • Growth.
  • Growth prediction.
  • Gnomonic growth.
  • Neurotrophism.
  • Logarithmic growth of human mandible.
  • Arcial growth of mandible.
  • Methods of growth prediction.
  • Visual treatment objective.
  • Conclusion
  • The functional matrix theory disclaims any intrinsic genetic determination by bone cells and therefore the information about the rate and limitation of growth must exist somewhere in the capsules.Moss contends to a great extent that the message necessary for controlling growth are derived from the nerves that innervate these capsules.ultimately the ,DNA , that dominates craniofacial growth, resides in the chromosomes of brain cells.RNA or other messages are carried to the end organs by axoplasmic flow.
  •   The process of neurotrophism or neural nourishment dictates that at no time are the nerves to be subjected to torsion,compression ,or tension. This is true with respect to the inferior alveolar nerve during the development of lower jaw.As a vital constituent of orofacial capsule ,the Inferior alveolar nerve follows a logarithmic spiral.

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