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Growth Prediction & Age Estimation

  • It can be defined as the period of life when sexual maturity is attained.
  • It is a transitional period between the juvenile stage and adulthood during which adolescent growth spurt takes place.
  • This period is particularly important in orthodontic treatment, because the physical changes at adolescence significantly affect the face and dentition.
  • Major events that occur during adolescence include-
  •          – Exchange from mixed to permanent dentition
  •          – Acceleration in overall rate of facial growth &
  •          – Differential growth of jaws.
  • In patients who exhibit major discrepancy between dental and chronologic age.
  • Determination of skeletal maturity status prior to treatment of skeletal malocclusion (class II & III).
  • To assess the skeletal age in a patient whose growth is affected by infections, neoplastic or traumatic conditions.
  • Help to predict future skeletal maturation rate and status.
  • To predict the pubertal growth spurt.
  • It is a valuable aid in research aimed at studying the role of heredity, environment, nutrition etc., on the skeletal maturation pattern.

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