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HIV Infection

  • Aquired immunodeficiency syndrome  manifestation of HIV infection.
  • Is a greatest challenge in public health of the World
  • In1981 yr a sudden outbreak of
  •   Kaposis sarcoma              homosexuals &drug addicts
  •   Pneumosistiscarnii
  •   In 1983 isolated retroviruses from PGL patient.
  •   Gallo and colleagues isolated retro virus from AIDS patient called HTLV-111
  • Resistance :-   10sec – 600c
  •    isolated from various tissues up to 16 days
  •   In dried blood it may survives up to 7 days.
  •     virus survive in tissues for 16 days after death.
  •   Bleaching powder –standered recommendations is   15% of hypo chloride  solution as concentration of 5%   available chlorine
  •   Inactivated by 50% of.ethnol,0.5% of lysol,& 0.3% of   hydrogen peroxide.


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