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Lingual orthodontics..

  •     While the choice of indirect bonding of labial brackets is elective,for bonding of  lingual  brackets  the preferred, if not mandatory, mode  of placement is indirect because :
  • The  irregular  lingual  tooth  morphology creates a requirement  for custom contouring of lingual bracket bases.
  • The  variation  in  lingual  tooth  morphology creates  the  need  for custom measurement  for  selection  of  appropriate  bracket  base thickness    and torque.
  • The practitioner’s lack of familiarity  with lingual tooth morphology makes it difficult  for  him to  visualize  angulations  and  bracket heights,  and these angulations and heights must be related to the more uniform labial surfaces.
  • It  is  difficult  to obtain a direct line of sight for bonding on lingual surfaces.
  • Increased  accuracy in bracket placement is required,because compensating lingual  arch  wire  bends  are  more  difficult  and  time consuming to form.
  • Slot levelers used to line up slots of the maxillary anteriors (1),
  • mandibular anteriors (2), posterior teeth(3), and for individual
  • tooth(4)

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