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Max sinus 3 final

  • Immediate symptoms:
  • Regurgitation of liquids from the mouth into the nose.
  • Unilateral epistaxis due to blood in maxillary sinus escaping through the nasal ostium.
  • Escape of air from the mouth into the nose and an alteration in vocal resonance.
  • An inability to blow out the cheeks and smoke cigarettes



  • Delayed symptoms:
  • Unilateral mal odorous nasal discharge (Purulent or mucopurulent).
  • Postnasal mucus drip will often lead to an unpleasant taste accompanied by nocturnal cough, horseness, earache, facial pain or headache
  • Sometimes patient experiences painless lump at the extraction socket.
  • Inability to ‘draw’ on a cigarette or pipe, or inability blow a wind instrument.

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