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Maxillary Canine Impaction

  • Introduction
  •   Maxillary canine
  •   Classification of canine impaction
  •   Reason for canine Impaction
  •   Diagnosis
  •   Treatment options
  •   Methods of Creating Space
  •   Attachments For canine
  •   Methodolgy of Approach
  •   Surgical Exposure of impacted canine
  •   Impacted tooth  and Periodontium
  •   Retention
  •   Complication of untreated impacted canine
  •   Time to extract canine
  •   Conclusion
  • Thus management of the impacted canine is one of the greatest challenge  for orthodontist. Success  of the treatment depends upon patient cooperation, Age of patient, Proper diagnosis, Level of canine impaction, Inclination and Depth of impaction, Amount of root formation, Type of exposure of tooth, Amount of bone removal, Type of attachment, Orthodontic traction. All these parameter plays important role when managing impacted canines to achieve good canine alignment in the arch with canine guided occlusion, Gingival level, and Integrity of periodontium.

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