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Modus Operandi of Functional Appliances

  • Findings concerning the biological peculiarities of mammalian condyle cartilage, role of respiration on craniofacial morphology and popular theories on functional matrix hypothesis and epigenitics at that time  have helped fuel this understanding
  • Petrovic and coworkers produced the first rigorous demonstrations that the condylar cartilage’s growth rate and amount can be modified using appropriate functional and orthopedic appliances.
  • Since then, many other clinicians and researchers have inquired about possibility of modifying the condylar cartilage’s growth rate
  • Unlike the   primary cartilage found at other growth sites, i.e. Epiphysis of long bones, Speno-occipital syncondrosis, which are embryonic in origin, the condylar cartilage originates separately during the development and further more Stutzmann 1967 emphasized that in primary cartilage the dividing cells, differentiated condroblasts, are surrounded by cartilaginous matrix that isolates them from local factors able to restrain or stimulate cartilage growth whereas the secondary cartilage ;the dividing cells, precondroblasts, are not surrounded by a cartilaginous matrix  and thus are not isolated from local factor influence.

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