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Modus Operandi of Functional Appliances


    •   Functional appliances or  myofunctional appliances are used for growth modification procedures that are aimed at intercepting and treating jaw discrepancies that depend upon the orofacial musculature for their action.
    •   The theoretical basis of functional treatment in general is the principle that a new pattern of function dictated by the appliance leads to the development of a corresponding new morphologic pattern.  The treatment outcome of functional appliance depend on proper case selection, diagnosis and proper appliance selection.
    •   To select the proper appliance, it is necessary to know about the mode of operation of functional appliances.  This seminar mainly focusses on the mode of operation of functional appliance.
  •   Functional appliances are defined as loose fitting or passive appliances which harness natural forces of the oro-facial musculature that are  transmitted to the teeth and the surrounding structure through the medium of the appliance.

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