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  • In the early 90’s, non compliance therapies in various forms have become more prominent than ever before. One of the non compliance therapies and fairly recent concept is the MOLAR DISTALIZATION which has been effectively used in the correction of malocclusion.
  • Advances in mechanotherapy and changes in treatment concepts have reduced or minimized the need for extraction in severe discrepancies. Various techniques are currently employed in non extraction therapy in the treatment of a malocclusion.
  • Case argued for therapeutic extractions in orthodontia based on the fact that inherited inharmonious in contiguous structure over which we have no control makes it impossible for us to place all the teeth in the arch without fulfilling the designs of an inherited deformity.
  • groupism among orthodontists all over the world was to take peculiar turn in the form of Angle’s disciples like CHARLES TWEED and RAYMOND BEGG, supporting the need for extractions in orthodontics.

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