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Muscles of Mastication

  • Man has 639 muscles , composed of 6 billion muscle fibers . each  fiber has 1000 fibrils , which means that there are 6000 billion fibrils at work at one time or another.
  •                              Muscles of mastication are the group of muscles that help in movement of the mandible as during chewing and speech. we need to study these muscles as they control the opening & closing the mouth & their role In the equilibrium created within the mouth. They also play a role in the configuration of face.
  • Medial pterygoid :
  •   Origin and insertion :Thick , quadrilateral muscle ,  Origin- medial surface of the lateral pterygoid plate & the grooved surface of the pyramid process of the palatine bone .
  • –  superficial fiber slip- lateral surfaces of the pyramidal process & the maxillary tuberosity .
  • Attached by a strong tendinous lamina to the posteroinferior part of the medial surfaces of the mandibular ramus & angle , as high as mandibular foramen & almost as far forwards as the mylohyoid groove .

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