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  •                            INTRODUCTION
  • (Active  juvenile ossifying  fibroma,  juvenile aggressive cemento-ossifying  fibroma )
  • The juvenile ossifying fibroma is a unique lesion that has been distinguished from the larger group of ossifying fibroma on the basis of age of patient ,most common site of involvement and clinical behaviour.
  • It is grouped under “fibrous –osseous neoplasms” in  modified classification of benign  fibro-osseous lesions   (waldrone  1993)
  • Histologically , the lesion is non-encapsulated but well demarcated from surrounding bone .Two distinct histopathologic variants are-
  • Psammomatoid juvenile ossifying fibroma(Psjof)
  • Trabecular  juvenile ossifying fibroma(Trjof)


  • Psammomatoid juvenile ossifying fibroma
  • PsJOF- is a benign bone tumor of the craniofacial  skeleton occuring predominantly but not exclusively in children &was first reported by Benjamins in 1938
  • Termed Psammomatoid ossifying fibroma of the nose and paranasal sinuses by Gogl  in 1949.

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