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Odontogenic Tumors-Ib

  • Radiographically, the intraosseous ameloblastoma classically is described as a multilocular or ‘‘soap-bubble’’radiolucency.
  • Other radiographic patterns seen are
    • Smooth bordered unilocular radiolucency,
    • A unilocular lucency with a scalloped or lobulated border,
    • A poorly delineated mixed lucentopaque lesion
  • The granular cells sometimes show a sharply delineated cell border, but most often the cell membranes are poorly demarcated, and the cytoplasm of adjacent cells merges imperceptibly.
  • The cytoplasmic granules tend to stain weakly eosinophilic
  • A thin rim of stellate reticulum-like cells that separates the granular cells from the peripheral columnar layer may or may not be present.


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