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Oral Habits 2

  • Introduction
  • Definition
  • classification
  • common oral Habits in children
  •                  Thumb sucking
  •   Tongue thrusting
  •   Mouth Breathing
  • Other habits
  •   Bruxism
  •   Lip Biting
  •   Pillowing habit
  •   Frenum Thrusting
  •   Bobby-pin opening
    • A number of theories have been put forward to explain why thumb sucking occurs.
    • Freudian theory:  This theory was proposed   by Sigmund Freud. He suggested that a child   passes through various distinct phases of psychological development of which the oral   and the anal phases are seen in the first three-year of life.  In the oral phase, the mouth is believed to be an oro-erotic zone. The child has the tendency to place his fingers or any other object into the oral cavity.  Prevention of such an act is believed to result in emotional insecurity and poses the risk of the child  indulging into other habits.

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